About The Elemental Witch

I am Pagan, and I am Proud, I say it long and I sing it loud! Don’t think I am a stereotype, ignore all the fuss and hype. I’m a healer, and a Witch it doesn’t mean that I’m a Bitch. I try to help, to ease the pain, I love to dance in wind and rain. When you are troubled, come to me, I’ll try my best to help, no fee! Don’t judge me by fears of the past, a witchy curse I will not cast. I will not hide myself away, I want to change what people say. I am Pagan and I am here, not someone for you to fear. Take some time, get to know me, I don’t bite, and this you’ll see.~~ WitchSpace

Who I Am

Just a small town girl, Living in a lonely world!

No but really, Journey is kind of right. I was raised in a small town on eastern north Carolina. City life has never been my thing so now I live in a small little beach town about a hours drive from where I grew up. The beach has always been my place of refuge, release, and to recharge.

My name is Tandy and I live with my incredibly loving, supportive, strong willed husband (I know he’s smiling from that comment. It takes a strong willed being to love someone like myself), our two dogs Trout (yes she is a dog) and Falcora (aka Cora or Moon Moon), and my grandmothers cat, Mr. Chris (because apparently he’s a civilized cat, thanks grandma).

Elemental Witch

Is what I consider myself to be. I have finally shed my skin of my old ways and got down to the basic elemental powers of this world and all it has to offer. I flow like the tides constantly with an ebb and flow, I glide from place to place giving a breath of life to all who come my way, I grow like the mighty oak tree that is planted from a tiny seed (or Let’s be honest and call it like it is, a nut), I burn with the intensity of the sun, but glow like the moon and all her mystery. I am the divine spirit and she is me.

God, Goddess, Creator, Gaia, the Great Spirit, however you see fit to call the higher power in your life. We are all connected and one. Its been a feeling Ive had for as long as I can remember. I haven’t always had the knowledge of the correct terminology for the things Ive always sensed, but I can say for certain that the feelings of the connection has always been strong.

I love to study all that I can find on herbal healing, ways that the moon phases help us grow, and astrology to help unlock so much more of the potential that I feel inside of me. Working with tarot cards, and learning how to grow my precognition and intuitive abilities. Some days it feels like there is so much that is building up that I honestly feel unstoppable! So much more of lifes mysteries start to make sense when you study what this planet can actually do to benefit our lives.

Learning my path

I am an empath as well as being a bit of an introvert and have a really hard time being around people that I do not know (or even those that I do know), causing a natural path of being a solitary witch. I like that though, thriving more in the quiet solitude, using all my senses to connect with the spirit world, with no worries of others emotions overwhelming my own.

So I haven’t paid for any classes to teach me what I have learned. I read and I let the spirits guide me to what I need to learn. When I was first starting out my path I constantly felt like I was going to mess something up, or do something wrong. But to try to pay 500 or more to go to classes, in which I would be more uncomfortable around other people than probably getting the lesson. I felt lost.

Then the Goddess put just the right person in my path to give me the encouragement that I needed (and to think it was a total stranger too). I explained to her how my feelings were of doubt in myself and feeling like I would do things wrong by not going to a class. She told me there are books and ways to get information for free. That the biggest thing is to constantly study and practice, that’s the only way to grow.

So I started to study everything I could get my hands on. Practicing every chance I could get and felt myself growing and now I can hear the spirits as they filter out the information. I believe that our magic and power is in us and what we believe in. If I believe that I can awaken the goddess inside of me, bring every intention to full harvest, then who could tell me I did it wrong.

Again, I don’t follow a certain path and I believe everyone has a right to choose or make their own, I just study, practice, and believe. I do not claim to be an expert in any field but I do know that the expert is the one who guides me (I just have to learn to keep up).

We all connect to the spirit in different ways and should never look at another as being inferior because they don’t have the same experiences as you. If someone feels that a class setting is best for them then absolutely go for it, there are lots that can be learned and sometimes at more of a fast pace. Just always remember to trust the spirit and where it leads you.

Live to share

Do you ever have those moments where you get so excited about something and you just want to share your feelings about it to the world? That’s exactly how I feel when I discover something new! I want to share it with everyone!

Alas living in a small (predominantly christian) town in the south makes for awkward looks when I try to explain to all my friends and family about how the planets are going direct, to get ready for a super charge with the super blue full moon eclipse, trying to give them herbal cures, or pass on any info to help out their lives a little more.

So why not create a blog to where I can share with people who are at least curious about it. Also, having a place to store all my info and practices is a pretty neat idea too. Hopefully there will be other witches along the way that can share their info too. My Great Grandmother used to say that if you stop learning you might as well be dead. Well I surely am not dead and want to learn all that I can and plan to pass on everything along the way.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, or just want to say hi (when I talk to people over the computer its not as bad for me) feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Love and Light,



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  1. Tandy, Your site is so beautiful and laid out just right for the reader. I just wanted to tell you when I need inspiration, I come and admire your work.

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