Crystals for Witches and How to Use

Crystals are gifts from the Goddess and God and are sacred magical tools that can be used to enhance our rituals of magic, protection, and to cleanse and balance our overall energy fields. They have been used for thousands of years for ornamentation and as a symbol of power.

Crystals for witches are valued for far more than just their beauty and status level alone, but also for their sacred meaning and healing properties. Here is a brief overview of crystal basics so to speak, as they are powerful beings in their own right, they need to be treated with proper respect and if you do so they will be pleased to cooperate with you.

What are Crystals

Crystals are almost like the DNA of the earth, the chemical storage banks of the earths records of developments over millions of years. Created as the earth formed and they have continued to transfigure as the planet itself changes.

A crystal is formed out of an array of minerals and is defined by its internal structure. Each type of crystal has the exact same internal structure, which can be viewed under a microscope. Their distinctive structures are how they are identified and classified, not the mineral in which it was formed.

Mineral contents can vary causing the colors to range. Numerous crystals forming out of the same type of mineral or combination of minerals, however each type will crystallize differently. This is what makes the vast amount of various crystals found all over the world.

Crystal Shapes

Crystals have their own personal histories that literally shape them into the different formations that they take on. Some have suffered through enormous amounts of pressure, others grow deep underground in hidden chambers, some form through layers on top of each other while others form from types of moisture dripping into the shapes of their existence.

A crystal takes on its form from the center axis plane and mirrors that outward. When viewed under the microscope you can see that each matching pair of faces has exactly the same angles, making the internal formation constant and unchanging. Built from one of seven geometric forms: rectangles, triangles, squares, parallelograms, rhomboids, hexagons, or trapeziums.

These forms lock together into a number of potential crystal shapes, which were given generic names based on their internal geometry. Making the collection of squares a cubic crystal, triangles a trigonal, hexagons to hexagonal crystal, rectangles to tetragonal. The rhomboids form an othorhombic crystal, trapeziums a triclinic, and parallelograms a monoclinic crystal (what a mouthful some crystal names can be). However, the outer form of the crystal will not necessarily reflect the internal structure.

Crystal Research

There are so many types of crystals out there and with the wide array of colors, shapes, and sizes that they come in. I urge you to research as much as you can on any particular crystal you find.

You can choose a crystal a day to focus on to learn all about its properties and ways you can use it to benefit you in your life. I feel that they do have their own energies that pick and choose when to call out to us to work with them.

Maybe there is an area in your life that you would like to focus on improving, or an area of concern with your health? The internet is wonderful for finding out what crystals to help with those certain areas. Again, find one or a few that call out to you and research a little deeper into the other ways it can benefit you than the obvious one.

Crystal Care

Taking the time to clean your crystals is very important as they are efficient transmitters of energy. Think about all the energies that you rely on them to soak up for you, filter through, and re balance into a more positive format to please you better. Sounds like a little TLC of a good cleansing is not only right, but necessary for your crystal companion to properly do its job.
Once you establish your crystals purpose that you want to use it for you need to first clean your crystal, then charge it, and dedicate its energies to that purpose. Then your crystal is ready to be put into action into your life.

You can clean your crystal with smudging, burying it in salt* or earth for 24 hours, or wash it under running water* or in the ocean, while focusing on all the negative energies washing out of it and becoming a fresh slate. *make sure your crystal can tolerate salt or water as some are sensitive to the effects of these methods and will actually deteriorate your crystal.

Charge your crystal under the light of the moon, the sun, or with a charging crystal like citrine or selenite, or by a Himalayan salt lamp. You can even focus white light flowing into it to charge it full of light. Now your crystal is ready for your intentions to be set.

Clear your mind of any distractions and focus only on what you want this crystal to do. Dedicate it to keeping you calm in a stressful situation coming up, or the confidence to speak clearly in your next meeting, or to work in a love spell to bring your true love to you. Whatever the case maybe you are the one setting its purpose. Meditate as long as you need to until you feel like the crystals purpose has been set. Your crystal is now ready for work!

How to work with crystals

The more you learn about your crystals properties the more you can use their energies properly in your life and that’s what they have manifested into your life for. Whatever design they take on they have the ability to absorb, conserve, focus, and emit energy.

You can form a protection grid around your home with crystals like black tourmaline and selenite. Place amethyst, lapis lazuli, or sodalite next to your bed to battle with insomnia. You can rub lepidolite to reduce anxiety attacks. You can wear a crystal pendant that is dedicated to providing you with a shield from others emotions which is extremely beneficial for empaths to keep from soaking up unwanted baggage.

Daily meditation with your crystals will allow you to tap into your crystals energy field and open yourself up to the healing that they can provide. When you are feeling drained you can recharge yourself with two crystal points, preferably amethyst or quartz. In the left-hand place the point directing inward towards your body and then in the right pointed outwards to create an energy circuit and allow the energy to flow through your body.

Creating a crytsal grid or making a crystal wand is a great way to focus and direct the crystals energies with spellwork. These crystals have energy that for some have been growing as long as the earth has been around and can be the added boost your rituals need bringing a  connection with the earths elements and yourself.

Crystals are awesome

My love of crystals has gone back to my childhood and the collection I started when my grandma would send me little crystal babies. I would sit down with my little crystals under the light of the sun and imagine there was a whole world inside of each one. I never knew all the uses until later in life and it blows my mind the way they came into my life at different times when I needed them and I didn’t even know it.

The biggest thing to remember is to actually use your crystals and don’t just think of them as decoration (however lovely that they truly are) they are meant to be used and not just to collect dust! The more you work with them the more you will know each other and the better relationship you will have with them.

Love and Light





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