How to Create a New Moon Abundance Check

The world is full of power and according to popular belief one of the strongest is the law of attraction. One of the easiest, yet highly effective ways to tap into this, and send signals into the universe that you are open and ready to receive is by performing a new moon abundance check ritual.

You will want to perform this ritual during the phase of the new moon as this is the time of new beginnings, growth, and abundance. So between 24 and 48 hours of the rise of the new moon will be ideal. As with any ritual, perform this in a manner of meditation and focus to connect with the universe. Clear your mind and space of any distractions or negative energies.

Think of exact amount or purpose

How much exactly do you need? Are you wanting a certain amount to catch up on a few bills? Is it more in the area of a raise for a steady increased amount to come in? Possibly its the amount for the down payment for a car? Whatever the case maybe you need to be exact as possible.

You can write your check for any aspect of your life, not just for money. Maybe you want more happiness or joy, a new romantic partner, maybe you want to find that dream home, or the opportunity to fulfill your dreams. The only thing is that you have to really want it.

If you just think extra money and do not have a specific amount or purpose behind it the effectiveness isn’t as on point. You are setting intentions and knowing precisely what its for, how its going to help you, or how you are going to spend it makes it more effective. Its part of the manifestation of it. You have to see it and know that its real, keeping these intentions in your minds eye the whole time.

Type of check to use

For the check itself you can use one of your own personal checks, download one of the new moon abundance check templates that are found online and print it off, or you can get extra crafty and create your own out of construction paper (just follow a normal check format).

The ones that are downloaded from online are pretty nifty I would have to say. They have the account holders information printed out as the account of The Universe or Law of Attraction. I found my old starter book of checks from when I first opened my bank account and filled out the account holder as The Universe. It just makes it feel a little more accurate, but that’s just my feelings.

Fill out your check

  • In the area that says “pay to the order of” you will write out your name.
  • In the box write the dollar amount you want to manifest (if the check is not for money purposes put paid in full here)
  • on the line under where you wrote your name write PAID IN FULL (if the check is not for money purposes you can write new job, new love, new car, or whatever the focus was for.
  • On the line for the signature write Law of Abundance Thank You or Thank You Universe
  • For the memo section write what the money is for or your intentions. If you have multiple places you can write refer to intentions list but if you write that you must follow through in making the list. Keep this list with your check as it is now a part of it.
  • For the date you can put a specific date if you have one or you can write something like next full moon, or 30 60 or any certain amount of days, as long as there is a time period.
  • On the back go ahead and sign it because it is ready for deposit from the bank of the universe directly into your account (physically or spiritually).

Watch your money grow

Now that you have filled out your check place it on your altar, vision board, or in your sacred space. The important thing is that you make sure that you look at it every day. Focus on your check and keep the vision of what your life will be like when you receive your abundance, knowing all the while that your money is growing.

Keep an eye on bank accounts and any place income is coming in. Sometimes it comes in ways that you would not expect it. I remember first time I did a new moon abundance check and I was asking for an amount that would help me take care of a certain bill that seemed almost impossible to pay,(I was a couple payments behind at that time and felt like I would never get out of the hole I was in) within a couple weeks time the bill was completely eliminated. It wasn’t what I was expecting at all and it took me sitting back and actually thinking about it. The whole time I was asking for the dollar amount to eliminate my problem not thinking that maybe the universe had a better way and just eliminated the need for the amount.

Thank the universe

Under the light of the full moon, light a candle and burn your check and thank the universe for helping to manifest your intentions. If for some reason you haven’t received your intentions, I recommend that you meditate and focus on all that has passed since the time that you have completed the ritual.

Has the reason that you haven’t received the amount of your intentions because the real need or desire for it is no longer there? Sometimes as time passes the things we think we really want, they start to fade into something else without us even realizing it. Or sometimes the thing we want the extra money for was provided in a way that you never even touched the money.

So before you get bummed out thinking that it didn’t work realize that your desires came into fruit of all that they were meant to be at that time and now they are eliminated to make way for the things that matter more. Start a new check and have fun seeing how this one turns out! Trust the universe and look at the deeper meaning behind the outcome, and realize that sometimes the answers to the problems we have would not always come out the way we expect them to.

Love and Light





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