My review of Llewellyn Witches Calendar

So one of my biggest areas of opportunity to improve is the fact that I am a procrastinator. Big time! When I was a teen one of my best friends would like to recite a motto to me that still sticks into my head and makes me smile “Procrastination is like masturbation, you’re only screwing yourself”. Then on top of that wonderful trait, shockingly I am very unorganized.

Cover of the 2018 Llewellyns witches calendar

Therefore, in an attempt to become a more time appropriate, and organized Witch I have purchased (a month late of course) the 2018 Llewellyn witches calendar and datebook. I have had either one or the other for the past few years now and I believe it is a very helpful tool to incorporate our sabbaths and rituals into our day to day workings to keep everything on track as well as lots of useful articles making it a true witches companion.

Beautiful artwork

I can’t help it, I’m a sucker for any type of artwork. I see the work and energy that the artist puts into their craft and it tells a story of how the artist exhibits their feelings and visions. Kathleen Edwards has a way of producing whimsical images that appeal to the eye as you plan your upcoming journeys throughout your year.

Kathleen Edwards vivd scratchboard art is a pleasing compliment to Llewellyns Calendar

The calendar displays beautiful colored images that take you to another world as you read the following months’ correspondence with a way that intrigues the reader to want to bring such beauty into their lives and follow the outlined material to invoke such a world to come to life (OK apparently I really am a sucker for art). Each picture is framed with different aspects of nature that adds a lovely finishing touch to tie both art and words together as a bonus to the picture itself.

The witches datebook is no boring black and white yawn either. The advantage of being a weekly planner allows for more of Edwards’ art to be published for our viewing pleasure on a weekly basis. Intricate details of lines, as well as precise shading make the void of color irrelevant for the viewers eye.

Collaborating Authors

I am the type of person that likes to get ideas and opinions from every spectrum possible and filter that information myself into what is relevant and applies to me and my lifes path that I have chosen for myself. The great part in my opinion is that any of Llewellyns works (at least the ones that I have read) are a collaboration of different authors teaching about their experiences and information on both traditional and nontraditional rituals and customs.

It’s a wonderful way to broaden your viewpoints as a reader as well as insights as a Witch. If we constantly hear what the same person tells us over and over at what point do we tune them out completely to where the information becomes pointless. The rotation of authors gives us a fresh outlook on the rituals that can (lets be honest) become repetitive.

Witches datebook table of contents showing the different authors

It’s really like having a coven of elders from different areas from around the world give you advice to enhance your weekly or monthly journey. In my opinion, living the life of a solitary Witch, having the thoughts and experiences of others at my fingertips is a wonderful feeling to back yourself up when you have those times of doubt or just plain curiosity.

Plants, Planets, and Mother Moon

As most all witches know, keeping up with the moons phases, signs, and course activity as well as the planetary movement and planting or harvesting times is a big part of being a successful Witch. Having all that information to research out and plan accordingly can get a little hectic (especially to the procrastinator like yours truly).

A look at the information thats listed on the calendars pages

Lucky for us, our little Llewellyn date book and calendar has that all planned out for us on a day to day basis. We can successfully plan our lives around the cosmos (think retrograde preparation) with ease knowing that the moment we look at the day we know what the heavens will be conspiring about ahead of time with their easy to read symbols and chart explaining the meaning of each symbol used.

Spiritual Guide

Within the month view of the calendar or the corresponding time frame within the weekly datebook are meditation guidelines, rituals for various occasions, occasional spells to try out, and history about different traditions, goddesses and gods around the world. As well as ways to honor each within the seasons and sabbaths that can provide new ideas for the more experienced Witch or help to illuminate the path of someone just starting out.

Datebook features

The weekly planner has the bonus of an occasional recipe for fruits and vegetables of the corresponding season that are easy to follow. It’s a nice way of honoring the bounty of the seasons with culinary wisdom passed down through the ages. Not to mention a great way to broaden your recipe collection.

Llewellyns has also provided five separate articles written by the different authors that gives insight on improving our day to day lives in various witchy ways. There are ways to incorporate magic into our daily lives in “The Daily Magician”, and how to keep our magic areas fresh with “Sprucing Up Your Ritual Space”. An overview on the different magical styling to choose from in “Order, Chaos, or In Between”. “Appreciating the Sacred in All Seasons” is a great article to give the reader a chance to reflect on the lesser loved aspects of the different seasons and ways to appreciate the balance needed for all seasons. The last article, “Making and Dressing Candles”, is an overview on fixed candles, how to make them, and of course use them in your magical workings.

Calendar features

At the end of the calendar are some bonus readings to go along with the information provided within the calendars monthly views. The section on Moon Quarters and Signs gives a brief description of the effects that the moon has on our day to day lives and connection to our moods by the given position in the sky for that period.

There is a correspondence chart, as well in the back of the calendar, listing out the astral projection themes with their corresponding color, oil, planet, metal, stones, and herbs to further enhance your magical workings in a quick reference guide.

 One of the final extra features of the calendar is the section on Planting by the Moon. It houses a guideline on helping to maximize your time spent in the garden accompanied by a Lunar Gardening Table to get the best planting dates for specific crops, flowers, and trees.

Overall two brooms up

There are some negative individuals out there, and I have read their thoughts about some of Llewellyns publications and their massive need of publication to leave out the actual validation in their teachings, but I feel that is something to be answered in the heart of the Witch performing the ritual or casting the spell.

Cover of the 2018 Llewellyn’s witches datebook

For me however I think that the Llewellyn witches calendar and datebook are wonderful to keep me on track with my spiritual path as well as fresh insight year after year to help an unorganized Witch like myself.

Try it out for yourself and see how you like it and if you know of other witchy/ spiritual calendars out there please leave a few words about them, as I love discovering new tools and tricks of the craft I will be sure to check them out.

Love and Light






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