New Moon Ritual Ideas for New Witches

The New Moon is an important phase in the moon cycle that unfortunately is overlooked by many due to the lack of attention grabbing light of when she is in her ripe full phase, or the mystery of the looming darkness covering her ethereal light. It’s important as we try to grow with the moon’s energy that we do not overlook this powerful phase but instead harness the moon’s power to be more effective witches. Here are some new moon ritual ideas that I have found to work well for my practice.

When setting out to do these or any other ritual try to keep in mind that the power of the ritual isn’t in the actual process or steps you are taking, it is in the intent of the actions you are taking. Open up your heart as well as your mind to be in tune with the power around you and let it flow. Always stay in tune with your senses because that is the spirit letting you know what will work best for you. Just remember that we are all part of the great creator and that’s what we are to do, create our own path.

Time of day for rituals

To try to pinpoint a precise time would be next to impossible. Each ritual works best in its own way with the person that is trying to harness that particular energy and sometimes it is all according to the type of ritual itself. The new moon’s energy is best to be worked with on the time the new moon starts its cycle to three and a half days after. There are so many new moon ritual ideas out there that you can easily fill up three days worth, but don’t do too much or you can end up with a serious energy overload causing fried circuits.

I personally, don’t have much alone time to work with my craft at night, and I am a natural early riser so for me, the early mornings either before my husband wakes or after he goes to work to be the best time to focus any rituals that need to be done under the light (or I guess in this case dark) of the moon. I have a better connection to the spirit world at this time when the noise pollution hasn’t covered up nature’s symphony.

Not every ritual has to be done at night, outside with a circle of candles going. Remember its all according to the ritual. From the time that I was a little girl I remember only having my hair cut on the new moon to encourage it to grow long, that doesn’t mean we went out in the yard the night of the new moon. It meant my mom would only cut my hair on the days that the moon was in the new to waxing phase.

I recommend downloading a free moon phase tracking app onto your phone. It is a super helpful tool to keep you on track with the moon’s phases and to know the time of day when the moon enters each phase. Bonus tip, make sure that its one that tells you the moon’s sign of each day/phase is a perk to let you know what planets energies are more powerful to help boost your rituals. (That would be a whole article itself, future content coming soon).

Spend the day before the new moon looking inward. Our thoughts are what starts to invoke the power to stir so do this as a preparation to your rituals that you will be working on the next few days. Dig deep inside yourself, looking for the things that no longer serve your best interest like regrets or guilt, and release them to the universe. Then think of all your accomplishments and acknowledge the good that you have done. Now when the new moon has risen, think about what else you want to accomplish, switching all your conscious energy on what you want to manifest.

Clean to receive new energies

The new moon is all about fresh starts and new beginnings and the best way to start that is to clean out all the residue from the last moon cycle. This is a great time to clean your home physically and spiritually. A home in proper order makes a comfortable place to focus on the spiritual tasks you are looking to complete and trying to meditate when you see dust bunnies peeking out can be a challenge.

Can you see the spirit in the sage smoke?

Burning sage in your home and in your spiritual stations to cleanse the area of any negative energies or vibes it has accumulated. While burning the sage imagine your whole house getting a good washing of any energies that are not useful for you and your home. Walk around your home letting the smoke get everywhere, in every room, in cupboards, and small spaces.

Sweep the floors of your home while chanting a simple cleaning spell like; “Sweep, sweep, sweep the ground, all negativity shall be bound. I banish all that is profane, only positive shall remain.”

Ritual bath

The new moon’s energy is like a cosmic refresher, and what better way to open yourself up to the abundance and possibility that will be unfolding in your life than to submerge yourself in the energy of rebirth with a new moon bath. Baths are powerful tools in gaining psychic awareness, drawing love, speeding healing and granting personal protection.

There are lots of different recipes for bath teas, oils, and salt blends but look to get a recipe that will amplify the intentions you are setting for the new moon cycle. This is where more of the freedom to find your own way comes into play. You can even make your own bath teas and salts when you start to research out all the medicinal and magical properties of herbs and oils (tip for your plumbing, put herbs in a muslin bag or tied up in a piece of cheesecloth to prevent your pipes from clogging).

While you are preparing and taking your bath keep your thoughts and intentions focused. This isn’t just any ordinary bath you are taking. This is a magical ritual you are performing. A literal submerging into the healing powers of nature. Light some candles, burn some incense, put on some meditation music. As you step into the bath, feel the herbs energies mixing with your own and surrounding you. Don’t expect the herbs to do all the work, invite their energies inside you and send them out into the universe to manifest your needs.

If you are in the unfortunate circumstance as I am in and don’t have a bath available for use you can still perform this ritual. Simply use the muslin bag or cheesecloth as a washcloth or loofah to cover your body in the herbs energies.

Set up your altar for the new moon

This is actually my altar setup for Imbolc. Main focus is to set up your altar with what feels right to you and your intentions.

This is one of my favorite things to do because its always different. Everyone altar is personal to them and reflects their own thoughts and feelings at that time. It can be something simple and under the radar to elaborate displays. During the new moon it is a good time to have items that reflect your intentions.

Candles of white to represent fresh starts, acorns and seeds to represent new life. Burn an incense to reflect the energy of the intentions you are focusing on. Find a tarot card that speaks to you and that ties into your focus. Pictures of loved ones that you are setting intentions for.

Place an image of the maiden aspect of the triple goddess (essential to all continuation of life) or any deities that would help you to channel your intentions to the magical workings that you will be focusing on for the month. Ganesha encourages you to discover what you truly want, what makes you happiest, and provides an open doorway to the new beginnings that have been set out for us, making him a good deity for your altar.

Make a crystal grid

Crystal grids are formed by the intentional placement of certain stones or crystals in a geometric pattern that is for a specific purpose of directing energy. Whatever your intentions may be, a crystal grid is an effective use of crystalline energy when created with only your highest intentions.

Look for crystals that resonate with the new moon’s energy as well as the intentions you are focusing on. A great example is one of my favorites, Labradorite, which increases determination, motivation, and attention (all things that resonate with my intentions for the month) as well as being called the stone of the new moon.

Setting intentions for the new moon

The new moon is the first of the eight moon phases that the moon goes through, so try to keep focus towards new beginnings, growth, attraction, and abundance. Intentions work best when they are based on your feelings and specific. Being able to feel your intention with all of your senses is the key to manifestation. Being able to see it in your minds eye clearly and as specific as possible, incorporating sounds, smells, colors, and textures.

Handwrite all of your desires, wishes, and dreams on a piece of paper, using as much detail as possible. Take your list outside and read it out loud to the new moon. Thank the universe for listening. Fold your list and store it on a safe place on your altar. Read it everyday outside until the moon is full, thanking the universe each time. When the moon is full read it a final time and then burn it at a candle. Trust the universe to provide.

Great time for abundance spells

More money, more love, more family, more knowledge, more food, more….power! All something that is at the fundamental core of us is the desire for more. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. I truly believe that’s why we all have been placed on this path at one point or another is to be shown the capability to have an abundantly fulfilling life. The only reasons we have struggles is because we allow it to happen, not saying its actually done consciously or not.

There is no reason for us to go without when every 28 days or so, we have the power to bring so much more into our lives. During the new moon, the energy being sent out is all about growth in one form or another. So this is the time to set your seeds that you want to grow, whether its to get actual seeds growing in your garden, or you have a business area that needs growth. Remember that abundance spells aren’t only about money and attracting future loves. It’s anything that you need MORE of!

I could probably write a whole post (or twenty) on abundance/prosperity/fertility spells because there soooo many out there. Ranging from intricate casting of a circle, writing an abundance check, to simply writing your wishes on a bay leaf and burning it with the knowledge that it will come true. The important thing is to find one that resonates with your emotions and feels as natural as possible. When you are more comfortable with your actions, it makes it easier to be able to focus your intentions.

Create a vision board

I absolutely love making vision boards! Anytime I have a reason to get my crafty side out I get excited. I think that is one of the things that is so great about being a witch is that you are always creating something.

My vision board for the new moon

A vision board is pretty much a visual collection of the intentions that you are focusing on. Use whatever materials you like as long as when you look at it you recognize it as a reflection of your intentions. Say for example, you are trying to bring in more love, put things that make you feel loved on it. If you are doing an abundance check put that on there as well. It’s whatever will give you inspiration to send out signals to the universe to bring this into your life.

You would want to put it in your meditation spot or somewhere that you feel comfortable placing it, as long as you see it every day. Spend at least five minutes a day looking at it and visualizing how your life is going to be when you manifest all of these intentions. Thank the universe with the knowledge that you have already received your wishes.

Work with divination tools

The new moon is a great time for working with tarot cards, runes, pendulums, or the many other tools used to connect with the spirit world. This is a time when the astral-physical veil is thin, and allows much of the unseen to be revealed. You can find many tarot spreads to connect with the new moon and its corresponding sign at that given time. It’s a great way to find out what your spirit tells you to focus on when you feel like you have no clue.

Use the new moon as a time to clean your divination tools as well. A tea of mugwort is good to use for cleansing your tools as it is well-known for its cultivation of psychic powers. Another method is to smudge them with a bundle of sage or other cleansing herbs.

You can use this as a time to now charge your tools once they are cleaned set them out in a safe place under the light of the new moon. Allow your tools to sit out under the light until the following new moon. This allows your cleaned tools to soak up all the energy from new moon to full and back to new again. Talk about a super charge! Your tools are now ready for use.

Keep the Magic Flowing

The biggest part to any ritual is what happens after you complete your ritual. Find ways to keep your intentions in front of your awareness. Make notes in your journal to track your progress. Celebrate the little victories and know that the big ones are coming too! Open your mind and heart to the power that is being given to you and know that you ARE magic!

I hope that my new moon ritual ideas were helpful to you if you were looking for some inspiration on where to start. I know that it can be overwhelming at times but if you get nothing else from this I hope the confidence to remember that its your ritual that connects with your heart and no one else is going to do it like you can!

Love and Light




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