The personification of fire in ritual, magic, and life.

Fire has played a crucial role in the evolution of humanity, providing us with light, heat, and a way to cook our food. Pagans have learned that fire is a useful conduit of energy as well as possessing various means of divination.

Born in the fire ruling sun sign of Leo, I have felt fires energy surround my life.

Born in the sun ruling sign of Leo, I am without a doubt, a walking personification of fire, so I can’t help but to be a little more drawn to the wild nature of fires spirit.

The fire within me…

Burns at various degrees judging on the intensity of the fuel that keeps my inferno going. When I am ignited by a new book, idea, art project, or research product my flames start to burn bright and consume all that I can get my fingers on. Constantly in search of something to keep my mind or body busy and in motion at all times.

The core of my body even runs hot with fire. As a child it was pointed out from an early age how hot and sweaty my hands always were. In the winter mornings my side of the car windows would always stay fogged up. It took the pediatrician explaining to my mom at one point that I just run a little hotter than most people and not suffering from a low grade fever.

My husband says that it feels like my flesh is on fire, even during the periods I feel like I’m freezing to death and trying to get warm. I have come to the conclusion that because my inside temps run so hot that the slightest breeze or drop in temperature affects me drastically.

The sun is what charges me and warms my soul as well as my flesh. Hot summer days the moment I walk in the shade I’m chilly even in the 95 degree humidity of the southeast.

If only my affinity for the flame included the power to bear fireballs.

I might not have the ability to set things on fire with my mind (no help from the false hopes of Firestarter) I do feel the fire that burns within.

Fire correspondences

Zodiac signs: Aries Leo Sagittarius

Power: masculine

Direction: south

Season: summer

Body: heart, small intestine, mind, spirit

Colors: red, orange, gold, white, crimson

Plants: hibiscus, peppers, coffee bean, cacti, walnut, fig, holly, orange

Herbs and spices: allspice, alder, angelica, basil, bay laurel, betony, cinnamon, coriander, cumin, garlic, hyssop, hibiscus, lime, juniper, saffron, st. johns wort, thistle, vervain, mustard, marigold, peony, pepper, primrose, rosemary, rowan, rye, nettle, onion

Animals: snake, lion, lizard, scorpion, fox, salamander, phoenix, dragon, coyote

Crystals: Amber, ruby, garnet, opal, agate, volcanic lava, red jasper, bloodstone, quartz crystal, carnelian, rhodochrosite

Goddesses: Brigit, Pele, Vesta, Freya, Hestia, Morrigan

Gods: Agni, Ra, Hephaestus, Horus, Prometheus, Vulcan

Tarot: wands

Time of day: Noon

Planets: Sun and Mars

Metal: gold, iron, brass

Ritual tools: Athame, wand, candles, incense, and anything burning i.e. bonfires, fireplace,

Fire persona

People who embody fire tend to take on a strong willed personality being independent, creative, passionate, ambitious, outspoken, analyzing, resourceful, competitive, and assertive. At their worst they can be arrogant, calculating, impatient, manipulative, stubborn, and selfish.

Fire is the element of transformation, it is used to make dreams and wishes a reality. Fire dispels illusion and negativity, bringing energy and igniting passion.

Fire attributes: Energy, sexuality, passion/lust, love, authority, sun, blood, power, transformation, purification, destruction, will, flame, heat, bonfires, illumination, hearth fires, protection, courage, strength, physical exercise, loyalty, vision

Fire wish spell

Use the element fire when working spells of manifestation, passion, motivation, health, energy, purification, potency, protection, dispelling negativity, sexuality, power, will power, wishes and courage. Here’s a very simple spell that uses fire for the power to make a wish come true. You will need a bonfire or flame in a fireplace, paper, pencil or pen. For an added punch look up the color correspondence of the type of wish you need i.e. green for money/luck/healing, pink for love/compassion/romance/femininity/friendship, red for passion/vitality/strength/survival/fertility/courage/sexual potency/action/war/battle/assertiveness and the list is as broad as the color spectrum, so pick the colored pen or pencil that works best for your spell. Now simply write out your wish on your paper. Wording does not matter, it doesn’t have to rhyme. Just be very specific about what you would like. When you are writing it out, visualize the thing you need happening. Then hold the paper in your hands and keep concentrating. You are charging the paper with your intent. Then put it in the fire. Watch it burn, and continue to visualize your wish manifesting in your life. It is possible to combine your wish with magical correspondences to make it more powerful, such as the moon phase, time of day, or time of week.


There are various types of pyromancy, which is telling fortune using fire. Here are a few:

  • Capinomancy is the divination based on the rising of smoke a ritual fire or candle. Straight direct lines of smoke were seen as a good omen, whereas smoke that appears heavy and sinks around the room is seen as a an unfavorable response.
  • Causimomancy is when the diviner casts items’ like incense, grain, or something personal to the person requesting insight, into the flames and make an interpretation based on if the items’ ability to burn, and the speed in which it burns.
  • Lampadomancy is interpreting the message of the flickering flame of a candle or oil lamp. The way the flame moves, it’s color, or if it makes a sound are all ways of sending a message
  • Spodomancy is the act of examining the ashes, cinders or soot left by a ritual fire. The diviner writes a message in the ashes and the result is discerned based on what is left the next morning.

A great time to practice pyromancy is during the greater sabbats (Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane, and Lammas) which are also the traditional fire festivals. Fire is transforming and sacred, life giving as well as destructive. Fire provides us with various ways to work with it, through the flame, smoke, or the remaining embers and ash of its extinguished flames.

I hope my post has encouraged you to have an open mind and heart to explore the many possibilities that the flames present to personalize and perfect the art of divination through fire. If you have any questions or comments about the elemental powers of fire please leave a comment below! Thanks for taking the time to read.

Love and Light,




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